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Just scroll below for most of the more often asked questions from visitors and our answers. We trust this section will help you to enjoy your stay in Tagaytay ... Probably The Most Pleasant City in Asia .

A spectacular sunset over Taal Lake & Volcano


Should you have any questions please feel free to email us at and we will endeavor to answer you.

  1. Why should I visit Tagaytay? ....
    Answer: Tagaytay City is truly the pearl of the Orient! It's the perfect place for leisure activities like picnics, horseback riding, camping and sightseeing. To say the views are breathtaking would be an understatement. Tagaytay offers Filipino's a quick and enjoyable getaway, whilst our foreign visitors will enjoy a relaxing and safe haven where you can unwind after your long haul flight. Click here for pictures of Tagaytay .

  2. How far and long does it take to get there from Manila? ....
    Answer: Tagaytay is about 60 km/37 miles south of Manila in the mountains of Cavite Province. From Manila's NAIA International Airport - Ninoy Aquino International Airport its about an hours drive. From the greater Metro Manila area, just about 90 minutes will get you there.

  3. I'm a first time visitor to the Philippines, is it safe? ...
    Answer: Emphatically yes. So long as you use common sense as you should in ALL countries you visit, you won't have any problem. Tagaytay is laid way back and is a safe haven from stress and the rigors of travel. Click here for more information about safety .

  4. Is visiting expensive? ...
    Answer: It needn't be IF you use this web site,, as your guide. Like all places Tagaytay has establishments that have prices over the odds. However by doing your homework and using as a guide, you'll locate incredible bargains and free offers. Click here for the best deals and offers.

  5. What is there to do? ...
    Answer: Tagaytay offers something for everyone, especially children. You have leisure activities like picnics, horseback riding, camping and sightseeing. A trip to see Taal volcano is highly recommended. The views of Taal Lake and volcano from Tagaytay are astonishing. For those who like to try "lady luck," you have the Casino Filipino Tagaytay. For you golfers there are several excellent 18 hole courses, one an award winning Arnold Palmer design. Of course just laying back and relaxing overlooking Taal will rejuvenate anyone. Click here for additional information about what to do.

  6. What is the weather like?...
    Answer: The climate is similar to Manila's, but cooler, invigorating with continual breezes and with NO pollution. At night a blanket may be required. Click here for general weather information .

  7. We have children, is there anything for them to do? ...
    Answer: Bring the kids if you have any! There's nothing worse than children becoming bored and ruining a vacation or getaway. There's more things for kids to do in Tagaytay than you can shake a stick at. A short drive away is the Philippines version of Disneyland, "The Enchanted Kingdom." Click here for more information.

  8. How do we get there? ...
    Answer: There are numerous options available for everyone. For those driving you can take the South Superhighway, also known as "The Sky Way", and exit at the Santa Rosa turn off. Hang a right after paying your toll (less than US$1) and you're 20 minutes from Tagaytay. Alternatively you can take the Coastal Road through Cavite, a wee bit longer journey but lots of sights to see. You can also take the BLTB buses from Pasay, Metro Manila having a destination signboard of Nasugbu or Balayan. Both services are frequent and ply the route to Tagaytay City. Click here for directions and map.

    Hiring a private automobile, or an FX (a van like taxi) with a driver included with both options, is probably the overseas visitors best bet. An all day booking will take you to your hotel, then run you around to all the Tagaytay sights as well and will only set you back about US$25. Click here for more directions.

  9. I s Taal volcano active? ...
    Answer: Yes. Taal is reputed to be the world's smallest and yet most active of volcanoes. Thirty three eruptions have been recorded since 1572 at Taal, mostly on Volcano Island. The impacts of these eruptions were largely confined to the intracaldera area. Click here for additional Taal volcano info.

  10. What accommodations are there?
    Answer: Like every tourist destination, you have high end and low end Hotel rooms and restaurants. Tagaytay is no exception when it comes to prices. For the backpackers and those on a tight budget there are a few hostels that go for around US$17 per night. At the high end of the market, there's the famous Days Inn chain and the Taal Vista Hotels with rack rates of US$100 per night.

    Middle of the price range rooms go between $45 and $100 per night depending on whether or not you have a room that overlooks Taal. However for little more than the cost of a hostel, you can enjoy a deluxe hotel room with breathtaking views of Taal volcano. See the best kept secret below


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