How to Pay

We try to make it as easy as soon for you to reserve and pay for your rooms. Here are your payment options:

From within the Philippines make full payment by a direct cash deposit into our BDO bank account at any branch nationwide. Email for modalities.
From outside the Philippines remit full payment by wire transfer to our BDO bank account. Email for modalities.
Remit payment by Western Union or via a Philippine money transfer store. Email for modalities.
E-mail or text the number of persons in your party, date of check in and check out and the type of room you'd like. We'll get back to you with our best rate. Make 100% sure you include an e-mail address as we reply by email only.
We gladly accept PayPal as payment. Email for modalities.
Pay by MasterCard, Visa, JCB or American Express credit card payment online now. Click here BOOK ONLINE.

Any questions please do not hesitate to ask by just emailing us at and requesting your preferred method of remittance for your payment.